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Buffalo Auctions 

In the past, auctions were stuffy, and for most people boring. Items that wouldn't fit well in the average person's home were auctioned off to those who had expensive, but often very strange taste. Times have changed however, and today's auctions are held at unusual locations, and through a variety of methods. Many have a found a second or primary business in buying cars, lot and house contents and other exciting opportunities for profit. When living in Buffalo auctions can be found by watching for chances. There are ways to find out when a chance to attend interesting Buffalo auctions will take place.

NY Auctions

If they're NY auctions you're wanting to host, then Scott Perry Co. is the company you can trust. The Scott Perry Co. has been in the business of hosting NY auctions for years and years now and, over the course of those years, it has learned a thing or two about what makes NY auctions successful.

Scott Perry

When you're ready to have an auction for your estate or your business, you only want the best auctioneer and the best auction house to handle this for you. This will mean getting top dollar for your items and will also mean a problem-free auction as well. There are many reasons why so many choose Scott Perry auctions for their auction needs and many reasons you should do the same.